Russian Bees Resist Varroa Mites

Bee Friendly Apiary proudly uses the Russian strain of honey bee for its superior resistance to apiary pests, with a weighted resistance to Varroa Mites. Russian bees exhibit strong infected brood culling activity as well as excellent pest management and hygienic behavior. The Russian honeybee refers to Apis mellifera, which originate in the Primorsky Krai region of Russia.

This strain of bee was imported into the United States in 1997 by the USDA’s Honeybee Breeding, Genetics & Physiology Laboratory in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in response to severe declines in bee populations caused by infestations of parasitic mites.

Russian bees also exhibit excellent over-wintering behavior by keeping small clusters of individuals and also are frugal with honey stores during winter clustering. Russian bees also have superior spring build-up characteristics

Bill Castro removes a swarm of bees

Bee Friendly Apiary was founded in 1997 by Bill Castro

BFA moved East with Bill 4 years ago. Bill has worked with several municipalities in removing swarms of bees.