Welcome to Bee Friendly Apiary and thank you for your interest! We are strongly committed to raising healthy bees in our own hives, as well as promoting the vitality and expansion of the natural bee population.

Free from Additional Chemical Residues

At Bee Friendly Apiary, we believe in good stewardship for bees. By offering a variety of ways to help educate our community about the importance of pollinators, we hope to help others understand the multiple benefits that pollinators like bees have for our daily lives. We are all dependent on the services provided by our friendly bees that help produce about a third of all the food we eat, not to mention the sweet taste of pure, raw honey!

Our bees are raised without treatments, chemicals or antibiotics.

By using Russian honey bees and selecting from bee colonies with strong natural characteristics that keep them healthy, we have successfully raised a domesticated strain of bees that have adapted to our region and the challenges that are present. This helps to eliminate the need for conventional apiary interventions like medications and treatments.

By not using treatments or medications, we ensure to our customers that our products are free from the additional chemical residues that are commonly found in commercially-produced honey. The hive products produced in our apiary are raw, minimally processed, and never heated. This ensures the highest quality and most healthful products that retain their full nutrient value.

All of our hive products are from local nectar sources. Honey, propolis, and bees wax are all part of our product line. We also make wood products for the residential beekeeper. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is our way of helping our bees stay healthy.

Bee Friendly Apiary Honey is local to Baltimore, MD

Honey, propolis, and bees wax are from local sources.

Bee Friendly Apiary, Baltimore Maryland, Home made Nucs

We proudly hand make ventilated gabled top covers.

Bee Friendly Apiary, Baltimore Maryland

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